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Henry Wingett, fl.1840-56, Stoke Damarel

Here is a sad story.  Louisa has not only lost her husband who has left her with two children, but she is also left with two stepchildren to look after as well.  Not only that but she is being removed from Plymouth to Ermington where she may know no-one. 

We don't know exactly who these people are - it would obviously be useful to see the full text of the removal order or settlement examination. Here is a guesswork tree constructed from the information below, the Free BMD index and details on the 1851 census.

Cordwainer in 1851 census
b.1816 Ermington
d. ?1857 Stoke Damarel
m. (1)? ?Priscilla MUMFORD              m.(2) Louisa ?HALSE
Jun qtr.1843 Plympton St.Mary,[9,475]   Sep.qtr.1851, Stoke Damarel
  |____________                         |_______________
  |            |                        |               |
Henry        Priscilla                 George        Richard John
1845?         1850-?                   1853-?        1855-?

Removal Order - Ermington

Louisa WINDEAT, alias WINGETT and George, Richard, her children and Priscilla and Henry Windeat, alias Wingett, the children of Henry WINDEAT, alias WINGETT , by a former wife, from Stoke Damerel to Ermington

PWDRO: Reference: 909/174