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John Wingatt, b.?1750, Dorset, Cordwainer

No idea who this John is.  I sent off for the document because I thought he might be a stray from Devon but we don't know from this who his parents were nor how long they had been settled in Shapwick.  Shapwick is a very small village not too far from Blandford Forum (where there have been other bearers of the surname) and inland from the coast and Christchurch - a Dorset coastal town popular amongst Devon folk.

Transcription of a Settlement Examination of John WINGATT, aged 26 in 1776 in Wimborne Minster, Dorset.


The Examination of John WINGATT aged 26 years now residing at Wimborne Minster in the county of Dorset ?rfows? Cordwainer touching the place of his last legal settlement taken on Oath before us - two of his Majesty's Justices of the peace in and for this county this twelth Day of December 1776.

Who on his Oath saith, he was born at Shapwick in the county of Dorset where his parents were legally settled as he hath heard and believes.  Saith he lived with his parents till he was about 13 years old, then bound himself Apprentice to Thos HILL of Sturminster Marshall Cordwainer for 7 years by Indentures Duly executed and ?in/solved?. - saith he duly served out his time and worked as a Journeyman to his said Master two or 3 years after at different times, then went to Sea and was in the Sea service three summers and a Winter and at Christmas last returned to Wimborne Minster aforesaid and worked there as a Journeyman ???????.  And this ??? further saith about 7 or 8 weeks after Christmas last he was marryed to Susanna Doves of Wimborne Minster aforsd. Spinster his present wife by whom he hath one Child now living Baptised Ann  now 3 weeks old and upwards. Saith he hath done no other but whereby to gain settlement to his knowledge or belief.

(signed) John wingatt

Sworn and subscribed      )
today and was first above)
written before us            )

    (signed) ? HANHAM
    (signed) Ror? KING