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WINDEATTs - Totnes tree: Bridgetown Branch

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This family is a branch of the Totnes tree. We know this from the information in the Family Legends Notebook written by Frances AMERY (neé WINDEATT) in 1865. The relevant section is:

Samuel WINDEATT, my grandfather's father, was the eldest of three brothers, the second went to Tavistock and settled and his descendants are still there, the youngest who was by another wife was the ancestor of John WINDEATT'S family of whom Mrs KING and her sisters are the descendants.

We don't know who this youngest son was nor the actual line of descent to Mrs. King and her sisters, but we do know quite a lot about Mrs. King and her sisters from the wills of their father, mother and aunts, not to mention various newspaper reports of the time.

We also now know that the WINDEATT family which can be found in Tasmania from 1831 is descended from John (1793-1867) below. A John WINDEATT, son of John and Elizabeth was baptised on 2nd January 1793, in Berry Pomoroy parish (source: IGI). Berry Pomoroy was the parish for the suburb of Bridgetown, Totnes where this branch of WINDEATTs lived. According to the same source his brother, William Browne WINDEATT and two sisters Caroline and Mary Grace WINDEATT were all baptised on 31st December 1798 while his third sister, Harriet, was christened on 20th January, 1801 and a fourth sister, Elizabeth on 28th July 1806. This branch of WINDEATTs were famously non-conformist and the reason for the bulk baptism in 1798 may have been an understandable reluctance to baptise the children in the Anglican parish church. The dates of birth could, therefore be a little different from the baptismal dates.

Below is the tree that I have created from the information in the wills and other data.  John's children,  listed on the tree below, also benefited from the Wills of his sisters, Elizabeth and Mary.  These unmarried sisters both made Wills leaving money to all or some of their nieces and nephews.  John's wife, also called Elizabeth, left her estate to Caroline (presumably because the other children were already provided for). Transcriptions of these wills have been uploaded to my WILLS pages and links are provided in the links section below.

Partial Tree

?John WINDEATT m ?Grace? - this is very speculative
      |                   |               |               |              |
 Elizabeth       JOHN WINDEATT          Grace           Thomas             Mary
ch 27.01.1760   ch 06.05.1761        ch 31.01.1762   ch 18.07.1765     ch 09.09.1766
bd 13.09.1836   bd 31.01.1826                                           d.?1852
                 m. Elizabeth ?BROWNE d.1855
         |            |               |              |              |                 |
        John      Mary Grace        Caroline   William Browne    Harriet          Elizabeth
     ?1793-1867    cd.1798-?        cd.1798      cd.1798         cd.1801          (1806-?1838)
               m.1816 Richard KING                        m.1825 John COLLIER    m.1833 William Fox


In 1828 there was a scandal concerning John WINDEATT's two daughters Caroline and Elizabeth - who it seems may not have been better than they should be.  Details are on separate pages.

Census Transcriptions


Coming soon


Here's John's widow, Elizabeth WINDEATT, née BROWNE, living with her two daughters, Caroline WINDEATTand Mary (now KING) and her grandchildren, Richard John KING, Mary Grace KING and Frances COLLIER.

Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace Possible DOB
Richard J. KING Head U 31 M Landed Proprietor Plymouth-Dev 1819
Mary G. KING Moth W 53 F Landed Proprietor Totnes-Dev 1797
Mary G. (Junr) KING Sis U 21 F --- Plymouth-Dev 1829
Elizabeth WINDEATT GMot W 83 F Annuitant Torquay-Dev 1767
Caroline WINDEATT Aunt U 55 F --- Totnes-Dev 1795
Frances COLLIER Cous U 20 F N.S.O. Plymouth-Dev 1830
Richard FRIEND Serv W 65 M Hind Tamerton-Dev 1785
Mary TOLL Serv U 25 F Dairy Woman Bickleigh-Dev 1825
Elizabeth ELLIOTT Serv U 45 F House Serv Totnes-Dev 1805
Mary Ann SKINNER Serv U 28 F Cook Staverton-Dev 1822
Elizabeth SMITH Serv U 21 F House Serv Dean-Dev 1829
Hannah BURGE Vist W 32 F Serv Buckfastleigh-Dev 1818
John JOHNSTONE Serv U 22 M Groom Bradninch-Dev 1828
  Address: Bigadon, Buckfastleigh, Devonshire

and here is her other daughter, Harriet COLLIER, living more modestly at 16 Fore Street, Totnes:

Name Relationship Mar Age Sex Occupation Birthplace Possible DOB
Harriet COLLIER Head M 50 F Gentlewoman Bridgetown-DEV 1800
M.G. COLLIER Daur U 25 F At Home Chas Plymh-DEV 1825
Emily COLLIER Daur U 24 F At Home Chas Plymh-DEV 1826
John WINDCOTT Cous U 69 M Landed Proprietor Totnes-DEV 1781
Dinah TOWL Serv U 22 F Serv Bickleigh-DEV 1828
  Address: 16 Fore Street, Totnes




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