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WINDEATTs - Tasmanian branch of Totnes Tree

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LATEST NEWS (March 2013)

We now know that this Tasmanian family is an offshoot of the Totnes tree. It's head being John WINDEATT, baptised on 2nd January 1793 in Berry Pomeroy, the son of John WINDEATT and Elizabeth née BROWNE. According to an 1896 obituary, the family emigrated in 1829 first to Australia and then nearly two years later to Tasmania.

This was revealed in an Obiturary from The Cornwall Chronicle (Launceston, Tasmania, 25/03/1857, p.4) which stated that Richard John COLLIER was the nephew of Mr. J. WINDEATT.

On Sunday. the 22nd Instant, at the residence of his uncle Mr. J. Windeatt, after a painful and protracted Illness, Mr. Richard John Collier, late of Plymouth, Devon, aged 31 years.

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J. WINDEATT (179?2-1867)                                                 
m. ? Ann LANE ?
        |___________________________________________________                          __________________|__________________________________________________________________________________________
        |                   |                  |            |                         |                              |                           |                           |                     |
 Maria Lane Windeatt*    Elizabeth          John          William    	            Jane WINDEATT               George WINDEATT   	     Robert King WINDEATT      Ann WINDEATT       WINDEATT  ROBERT 
    b. 1820?            cd. c.1828?   ?cd.13/10/1822  ?cd.23/11/1828, Modbury        cd:12 Sep 1833               cd:  20 Jun 1836, Hobart     cd:  14 Jun 1839        Birth:20 Dec 1840      Birth:  1843  
   m. (1) 11 Dec 1841     d. 1878          Modbury     d. 1896 (Will available)      m.1856 - Launceston          m. 05 Dec 1861, Launceston    died 1839            ??m. 1871 Launceston
Spouse:Frederick SMITH                     d.1855      m.1854?????                Spouse: Robert Thomas OWEN   Spouse: Mary Ann FERGUSON                        Spouse:Maurice RICHARDS
   m.(2)12 Dec 1857                                Spouse: EMMA WATLIN                      |                         |
Spouse:John GRIFFITHS                      ______________|___________________                  |                 ________|_______
                                          |              |                  |                  |                |                |
                                     William Watlin   Emma Marianne Meyor   Philip Meyor       |             Ada Marian    Arthur George
                                          b.1869         b.1870              b.1872        5? children        b.1862       b.1864
                                                                           m.10/4/1901                      d.?1945
                                                                           d. 1/4/1943                   (Will available)

John WINDEATT (179?2-1867)


A John WINDEATT, son of John and Elizabeth was baptised on 2nd January 1793, in Berry Pomoroy parish (source: IGI). Berry Pomoroy was the parish for the suburb of Bridgetown, Totnes where this branch of WINDEATTs lived. However, if his age at death (76 in May, 1867) is accurate then that suggests he was born in 1791. However, if the snippet below refers to this same John then if he was aged ten in March 1803 that could mean he was born a few days or weeks or even months before the baptism, i.e. in 1792.


I believe he is the same John WINDEATT who is referred to in this snippet about Blundell's School, Tiverton, Devon which suggests he attended the school from the age of 10 to 15:

John WINDEATT, 10, son of John WINDEATT, gent., Totnes, March 28, 1803, to Dec 15, 1808, p.865

Sadly, I can't remember where this reference came from (!) but here is a link to a pdf file which illustrates the kind of schooling he would have enjoyed in the early 1800s: Blundell's Quatercenenary 1604-2004.


Unfortunately, we don't yet know what he did between leaving school in 1808 and his arrival in Australia as a married man with four children in 1829 and have not, as yet found any records of his marriage or the births or baptisms of his children. Here is what we know from the obituary of his son, William (my italics):
Though born in Devonshire, England where his parents had resided for many years, the deceased left the old country when only about five years of age, in the year 1829, with his father (the late Mr. John Windeatt), mother, two sisters, and two brothers for Western Australia, where the head of the family had accepted a Government appointment. The climate of the colony, however, not agreeing with Mrs. Windeatt, the family, after a residence of twenty months within it, came to this colony, which was at that time under the control of Governor Arthur. Upon arrival the new-comers were welcomed by the Governor, with whom Mr. Windeatt, sen., had a previous acquaintance and by whom he was appointed to an important position in connection with the Commissariat Department. The family afterwards came to Launceston, Mr. Windeatt,sen., ultimately dying at the ripe age of 76 years.

Quite a few references to this family can be found on the Trove newspaper archive website. The earliest one is an advertisement in the Colonial Times, October 7th 1834, which suggests he might have been running some kind of boarding house:

If Mr. GEORGE WOOD, of New Norfolk, does not pay me for his Daughter's Board and Lodging, and remove her box and clothes from my house, the same will be Sold within fourteen days from this date.

Brisbane-street October

However, the "important position" referred to above was perhaps running the Launceston "Female Factory", i.e. a workhouse for transported female convicts where he is listed as an employee from 1836 to 1838 and we also find a reference to the Female Factory in the Newspaper Archive:

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Relevant Links & Source Data for this page - MOSTLY BROKEN - SHORTLY TO BE FIXED . . .

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This database contains genealogical data on Tasmanian families.  Search for wind% in the Family Name field for details of the above family and other possible mistranscriptions.  If you search for winge% you will get a result for a Mary Ann Widdecombe WINGETT who married in 1855.  She may also be related to the above family.
State Library of Tasmania
Mention of an Ada Windeatt BANTICK, Died in 1912, aged 37yrs Source: Bagdad St Michaels Anglican.  Unsure at present how she relates to this family.  There is also a record of a Headstone of Ada WINDEATT. Died in 1912, aged 37yrs Source: Bagdad St Michaels Anglican.  This must be the same person born c.1874.
IGI Family Search
The Records marked Modbury above can be found here.  With such common names, however, there is no guarantee that we have the right person.
1891 Census transcription for Tiverton - a strange entry - Emily Heaton WINGATE 
The link above is no longer available - the data have been moved to FreeCen where you can search for her name
Tiverton, Devon, 1891 - a wife Emily Heaton WINGATE who was born in Hobart, Tasmania is now living in Tiverton in a boarding house with three children.  I can't see any likely connection with the tree above and there may be no Devon connection at all.  The children's birthplaces look as though her husband was in one of the armed services and they moved around a bit. 
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