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WINDEATTs - Totnes tree
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Totnes is an ancient and well-preserved town which was built on the West side of the River Dart in Devon.  It boasts a Windeatt Square.  The WINDEATTs originally made their home in the suburb of Bridgetown on the east side of the river. Bridgetown is in the parish of Berry Pomeroy where the parish records start in 1596 and in that first year a Thomas WINDYET was christened there. There lots of records of WINDEATTs in the Totnes area and those which don't appear on this family's tree may or may not be related. This branch has a tree which has been passed down through the family and starts with the death of an Oliver WINDEATT in Bridgetown in 1650.  Early family members were non-conformist traders and manufacturers. Descendants moved on to Tavistock, to America, Canada and Tasmania but this branch s stayed in Totnes and, in the nineteenth century, they were the founder members of the firm of Solicitors in that town.  

Families on this tree seem to have been suffered from a lot of infant deaths and several males who did survive never married.  They did not proliferate in the same way as the other, humbler branches all of whom seem to have had the typical large Victorian families of ten or more surviving children so, while there are living descendants, there are not so many as the other WINDEATT branches. 

Partial Tree

This is just a fragment of the tree which  has been passed down through the family and starts with the death of an Oliver WINDEATT in 1650.   For links to other branches of the family please go to the:

All surnames are WINDEATT and spelled as such unless otherwise noted.

        Samuel W = Sarah EDGECUMBE
   |                                                                               |
Thomas W                                                                     Samuel W 
=1752 Mary MILFORD                                                      =1766 Elizabeth WHITE
      |                     ________________________________________________________|__________________
1 son, 4 dtrs               |                |         |           |                |                 |                 |
                     Thomas White W      Sarah W   Mary Ann W   Samuel W         Eliza W            John W
                   = 1803 Mary FABYAN       dsp      dsp          dsp     =1817 John Robert TOZER     dsp
           |                               |
        Frances W                   William Fabyan W
    =1838 John Sparke AMERY       =1838 Mary KNOWLES
         2 sons               ______________|__________________________________________
                             |              |                     |                    |
                    Mary Fabyan W    William Fabyan W       Thomas White W        Edward W
                          dsp        = Ellen MORTIMER     =1874 Mary BENNETT    =1879 Sarah PARSON
                                    2 sons, 1 daughter    3 sons, 2 daughters   1 son, 1 daughter


Samuel WINDEATT, the grandfather of Thomas White WINDEATT, lived in Bridgetown, Totnes and made money in the woolen trade.  Click here for a picture of his house which is still there today.

This tree fragment includes the curious character of Thomas WINDEATT, bankruptpoet, pastor and alleged vandal of Childe's Tomb, a prehistoric monument on Dartmoor.


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