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Totnes Tree: Tavistock Branch
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This Tavistock family is an offshoot of the Totnes tree. We know this from Aunt Amery's memoirs: 

"Samuel WINDEATT, my grandfather’s father, was the eldest of three brothers, the second went to Tavistock and settled and his descendants are still there". 

The second brother who "went to Tavistock" was almost certainly Thomas WINDEATT, Elizabeth's husband.  His first wife was Agnes.  Agnes had at least seven children, only three of whom were surviving in 1764 when Elizabeth made her will.  From the tone of her bequest for the eldest son, Jonathan, it seems as though he may have been sickly or handicapped in some way.   He died unmarried in 1797.  

The  family appear to have been similar to the Totnes branches: in trade and fairly comfortably off, staunch non-conformists, subscribers to local literature books and magazines.  Elizabeth (whose original family name may have been CAUNTER) had lots of relatives and friends to whom she wanted to leave her considerable goods and chattels so this will should prove a rich source of relationship networks for anyone researching this family.  

But It is not easy to work out the relationships in this branch because there were a lot of cousin marriages - BAYLYs, PARSONs, MILFORDs abound and it is difficult to sort them all out.  However, below is a very speculative fragment of a tree from the limited data we have in the will, the IGI and from a transcription of memorial inscriptions at the Abbey Chapel Presbyterian Church in Tavistock.

 Thomas WINDEATT m. (1)?1728 Agnes ?
 (1707-1775)     |    
                 | m.(2)12/9/1763 Elizabeth BRABANT ?formerly PARSONS ?formerly CAUNTER (?-/)
    |            |           |           |             |           |           |           |
  Jonathan      Mary        Samuel      Christian     Agnes      Christian    Thomas       Agnes
 (1729-1797) (1731-1760)  (1734-1736)  (1736-1737) (1737-1740)  (1739-1742) (1741-?1820)  (174?-?)
                                                                            m. ? Mary ?   m. 1769 Richard EDGECOMBE

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The A2A (Access to Archives) website has indexed a marriage settlement made by this family. I am not currently sure to which marriage it refers because there were a few marriages between BAYLYs and WINDEATTs around this time but the document will doubtless cast some light on the relationships if examined:

Bayly-Bartlett Papers, Catalogue Ref. 242

Marriage Settlements

FILE [no title] - ref. 242/9/4 - date: 1738
[from Scope and Content] 2 Samuel Wyndeat of Totness, felmonger and Thomas Wyndeat of Tavistock,


The papers are held at the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office.
NOTE:  If the link above doesn't work go to the main A2A site and enter some of the names above to find the catalogue 242.

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