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Will of Elizabeth WINDEATT, Buckfastleigh - 1855

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The Will of Elizabeth WINDEATT of Buckfastleigh in the County of Devon
Made: 22nd December 1851, Witnesses Mary Grace KING, junior, and Hannah BURGE
Proved 7.5.1855 by Caroline WINDEATT
SOURCE: Estate Duty copy of original.  Devon Record Office.

For a  list of other WINDGEAT (and variants) Wills please go to the WILLS page.


This family is a branch of the Totnes tree.  We know this from Aunt Amery's memoirs:

"Samuel WINDEATT, my grandfather's father, was the eldest of three brothers, the second went to Tavistock and settled and his descendants are still there, the youngest, who was by another wife, was the ancestor of John WINDEATT'S family of whom Mrs KING and her sisters are the descendants. "

Below is a speculative tree featuring Elizabeth who was the mother of the Mrs. KING mentioned above.  I suspect that as her second son was called William BROWNE may have been her surname but this is just a guess.  The tree is guesswork from the information in the Will and IGI data  Other relevant Wills are:

 ?John WINDEATT m ?Grace? - this is very speculative
 |                   |               |               |              |        
 Elizabeth           John           Grace         Thomas	   Mary 
 ch 27.01.1760   ch 06.05.1761    ch 31.01.1762   ch 18.07.1765   ch 09.09.1766
 bd 13.09.1836   bd 31.01.1826                                    d.?1852
               m. Elizabeth ?BROWNE (?-1855)
         |            |               |              |              |                 |
        John      Mary Grace        Caroline   William Browne    Harriet          Elizabeth 
       1793-?     cd.1798-?       cd.1798-1865    cd.1798         cd.1801          (1806-?1838)
               m.1816 Richard KING                        m.1825 John COLLIER    m.1833 William Fox 


This is a simple Will which doesn't tell us very much.  Fortunately, this family have left other Wills (see above) and Richard John KING (her grandson) was a local author who wrote and was written about quite considerably in the second half of the nineteenth century.




Caroline WINDEATT daughter all her property
Mary Grace KING daughter all her property if Caroline does not survive her

1851 Census data

The family's entry in the 1851 census show Elizabeth as 83 years old in April 1851.  Her place of birth is given as Torquay. 


This transcription has been typed from a photocopy of an Estate Duty copy of the original Will. But please note that I have changed the surnames to uppercase to aid family historians. For a  list of other Wills please click here for the WILLS page.

Transcription kindly provided by Pam Jackson:

ELIZABETH WINDEATT - made 1851, proved 1855

Begadon, Buckfastleigh, Devon 22nd December 1851

I Elizabeth WINDEATT being of sound mind although infirm of Body do hereby at my Death whenever and wherever it may happen give and bequeath all and every part of the property of which I am now possessed of every kind whatsoever to my Daughter Caroline WINDEATT In case of the Death of the said Caroline WINDEATT taking place before mine I give and bequeath the above named property to my Daughter Mary Grace KING In Witness of which I sign this Testament

Witnesses Mary Grace KING, junior, and Hannah BURGE

Proved 7.5.1855 by Caroline WINDEATT

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