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Will of Samuel Milford WINDEATT of Bridge Town Berry Pomeroy - 1828

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The Will Samuel Milford WINDEATT of Bridge Town Berry Pomeroy
Made:  28 September 1826 Witnesses James Cowdan WALLACE Robert LAMPEN
Admon:  7th October 1828 to Sophia Wilton WINDEATT 

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This family is on the main stem of the Totnes tree.  Aunt Amery (Samuel's Granddaughter) wrote in 1863: 

The WINDEATTS have been settled in Bridgetown for many years, and had land and houses both freehold and leasehold and were engaged in the Woollen trade. They too were Non-conformists, but not living in a Borough town were not persecuted as those at Totnes. My grandmother's mother was Sarah EDGCOMBE of Edgcombe in Milton Abbot near Tavistock, an old branch of the earl's family; she had three children, the eldest Thomas married a Miss MILFORD of Exeter, whose son Mr Milford WINDEATT lived and died at Bridgetown, leaving only one daughter since dead (a Mrs WALLACE) he had however several sisters, one died unmarried, one a Mrs REEVES, one a Mrs EDWARDS, and the youngest a Mrs BLATCHFORD who went to America with her husband just after the War and had a large family.  . . .

Below is a speculative tree that I have drawn up from the information above, in the Will and other data.  You will probably need to scroll to the right to see it all.

               Samuel (1705-1794) m.?1729 Sarah EDGECUMBE (1708-1779)                                Thomas WHITE m. Mary BABBAGE
            ________________________|__________________________________________________________                    |________________________
           |                                               |                                   |                   |                       |
       Thomas (1730-1799)                              Hannah                               Samuel m.?1766 Elizabeth WHITE(1748-1829)   Juliana(?-?1767)
      m.?6/12/1752 Mary MILFORD at Thorverton            dsp                                (1734-1806)              
  _________|_________________________________________________________                    ____________|____________________________________________________
  |                               |           |         |           |                    |           |            |            |           |             |
 Samuel Milford WINDEATT      Elizabeth     Mary      Sarah       Alicia               Sarah     Thomas White    Mary Ann     Samuel     Elizabeth       John
 (1752-1828)                  m.?REEVES   m.?EDWARDS   dsp       m.?1786             (1767-1845)  (1769-1827)    (1771-?)   (1779-1780)  (1783-1844)  (1784-1856)
 m.Sophia REED (1754-1814)                                   Samuel BLATCHFORD                     m.?1803                                 m.?1817       dsp
  |___________________                                                                           Mary FABYAN                        John Robert TOZER 
  |                  |                                                                      ____________|____________                            
Samuel Milford    Sophia Wilton                                                             |                        |                      
d. 1810 dsp          m.?1831                                                           Frances (Aunt Amery)     William Fabyan
               Rev. James Cowden WALLACE                                                            

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An explanation of the 'expectations' mentioned from his Uncle MILFORD can be found in his sister Sarah's will which contains a very long and rambling description of Richard MILFORD's will which might benefit them eventually.  See

I am not sure of exactly who the people are in these bequests.  His cousin John could be his uncle Samuel's youngest son John (on the tree above) although it may well be a more distant cousin John - see 

where Samuel Milford WINDEATT was a witness.  Also can we assume the 'Mrs. TOZER' referred to is the former Elizabeth WINDEATT (Samuel's daughter)?  These non-conformist families intermarried a lot and the same surnames recur sowing much confusion.  

If Mrs. TOZER is the former Elizabeth then who are 'Betsy, Mary and Thomas'?  They could be Samuel's children on the tree above but why, then, are there two Elizabeths: Mrs. Tozer and Betsy? 

A possible solution is that 'Betsy, Mary and Thomas' were the children of Thomas White WINDEATT who did not live to grow up ("My brother William Fabyan WINDEATT and myself were the only ones of six who lived to grow up" - Aunt Amery).  However, I cannot find any likely christening records in the IGI in order to check out these names.




Sophia Wilton WINDEATT 

(She later married James Cowden WALLACE  - one of her father's witnesses.)

daughter all my property 
Jno WINDEATT of Totness Cousin  'something' if his daughter later comes into the money from his Uncle MILFORD
Mrs. TOZER and her children not specified 'something' if his daughter later comes into the money from his Uncle MILFORD
Betsy and Mary and Thomas WINDEATT of Bridgetown  Cousins  'something' if his daughter later comes into the money from his Uncle MILFORD


This transcription has been roughly typed from an image of the will held at the PRO and is the result of a certain amount of guesswork.  Please note that I have changed the surnames to uppercase to aid family historians. For a  list of other Wills please click here for the WILLS page.

I Samuel Milford Windeatt
of Bridge Town Berry Pomeroy do give and bequeath to my Daughter Sophia Wilton WINDEATT all my property and should she live to receive the money given to me and my heirs by my late Uncle Milford of Bath I desire that on receipt of such property, she will give something to my Cousin Jno WINDEATT of Totness and to Mrs. TOZER and her children and to my Cousins Betsy and Mary and Thomas WINDEATT of Bridgetown Witness my hand

Samuel Milford WINDEATT 28 September 1826 Witnesses James Cowden WALLACE Robert LAMPEN

On 7th October 1828 Admon with the Will annexed of the goods chattels and credits of Samuel Milford WINDEATT late of Bridge Town Berry Pomeroy in the Co. of Devon a Widower deceased was granted to Sophia Wilton WINDEATT Spr [Spinster] the Daughter and the Universal legatee named in the said Will having been first sworn duly to admin. [looks like Deo Gracias?]


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